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Sapere aude! - Horaz / Kant Es gibt zur zwei Arten zu leben. Entweder so als wäre nichts ein Wunder oder so als wäre alles ein Wunder. - A. Einstein Dance first, think later! - Samuel Beckett

Frohe Weihnachten und ein schönes neues Jahr

“Go take refuge in nature, and find a cause where your heart doesn’t feel inactive and in despair. This is the medicine. We go out and we help. Don’t allow hate and anger to take over your world. There are other things happening. Right now people in our family are still there, and they might need us. Our friend may be somebody who is being discriminated against. You can only be there to offer them kindness if you are stable. You cannot help them if you are filled with hate and fear. What people need is your non-fear, your stability, solidity, clarity. This is what we can offer.”

Brother Phap Dung

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