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Laumee Fries
  -  NEUIGKEITEN und TERMINE   -  New year, new plans … or not?
Closed Charcoal Drawing Laumee
Goodbye you old hag of a year, welcome 2023. Here’s a tiny recap of my artistic and personal 2022:   2022 was a wild ride. For the world in general and for me personally. Maybe that’s why I’ve lain low and stayed out of sight for most of the year. But I’ve worked harder than ever before. Sometimes it’s the small things, the tiny shifts, that make all the difference.   I remember that last year in December I had big plans concerning my art and my novel. But yeah, you know what happens to big plans. 😀 Instead of stepping out and conquering the world like a whirlwind, I found myself caught in some inner hurricane.   So the big question is: What next? I don’t know. The good news is, there is new work on my easel. My novel is progressing and Rachael’s and my podcast is published weekly on a regular basis.(you can listen to it HERE) Yay! And yes, I have plans. But I won’t make any promises this time. Will there be new art in the shop? Will I have art shows, and will I show more textile work? I really hope so. But I learnt one thing in 2022: one gentle step after the other

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