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Laumee Fries
  -  BELONGING, HEALING and THE POWER OF ART   -  Inspiration for Your Creative Journey
The Creative Explorers Podcast
What does it mean to be a creative explorer? How can we create a life worth living—for ourselves and for everyone around us?   Is it possible to live a creative artistic life in a time of constant crisis? And how on earth do we deal with all these voices that try to hold us back?   Phew, I wish I knew. But artist Rachael Shores and I explore these questions in our weekly podcast The Creative Explorers. We started this project when the pandemic began with the goal of dealing with our own struggles as artists during this weird time and to inspire others.

Talks in times of crisis

Because to live a creative life is messy and chaotic—but also wonderful and fulfilling. The pandemic came and got replaced by other crises and we simply went on talking to each other every week. In our imperfect, messy way, we want to inspire and empower you to reclaim your life as an artist, especially a female one who tends to people-please and hold back.   If you find your artistic career to be chaotic at times, have problems with consistency in your marketing endeavours, and have the feeling that you go around in circles without getting it done, we hear you. You are not alone!

Out in the open

After years of constant recording and publishing, and successfully hiding our episodes from anyone who might want to hear it, we finally decided to put them out in the open more offensively.   Here on my blog, I will go deeper into aspects of our talks that interest me. Please feel free to join the conversation by commenting underneath each article. (Just look out for the tag creative explorers) You can also join us on Rachael’s Discord channel (link is coming soon) and start a conversation there.

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