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Laumee Fries
  -  MY ART and STORIES   -  Inktober – Part 1
October also means INKTOBER. Hurray, there is a new ink drawing every day – from me and from countless other people around the world. The idea is simple: there is an official list of prompts for each day in October. If you take part, you ideally draw a picture for each prompt and post it on the Internet. That’s all. Some put together their own lists – or just make a drawing once a week. But that doesn’t matter. Because it’s primarily about staying focused and doing something every day – no matter if it’s just a scribble. And I’ve actually managed to create something for each prompt – well, I’ve cheated twice. But that also counts. : D That’s why I’m a tiny bit proud to show you my collection today. Many pictures are just quick sketches because I often had little time. But it was important to me to get something down on paper. Most of it was created with pencil, Chinese rubbing ink and an ink pen:  

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