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  -  FAQ


Material and quality of the prints on paper and wood

1. What are the prints on wood made of?

The prints are made with my Canon printer using art paper and lightfast canon ink Chroma 100+. I mount and seal these prints on FSC-certified wood with a natural self-made glue made from corn starch and sugar (vegan)

2. How durable are your prints on wood – and are they waterproof?

The surface of the prints on wood is very durable and the colours stay brilliant for decades. But the glue is not waterproof. Please keep your print indoors – away from any water. I would suggest to treat any print as you would an original drawing or painting.

3. Are your prints lightfast?

Canon says that the combination of original art paper and Chroma 100+ inks lets the prints stay lightfast for about 300 years in a photobook. According to tests framed prints on paper last around 40 years. But it’s not only light that lets the colours fade, the atmosphere itself contains gas that ages any print or artwork. Therefore it’s best to keep your prints behind glass or – like the prints on wood – sealed and protected from any environmental influences.

4. What can I do to ensure that my print stays beautiful for as long as possible?

Keep all prints away from water and direct sunlight. Also keep them indoors, because extreme changes in temperature could especially damage the prints on wood. Prints on paper like it best when they are framed behind glass.

5. Help! My print on wood is damaged. The surface looks weird. Can I return it?

Prints on wood are made with natural materials. Sometimes they just behave in a weird way. This is very rare – but it does happen sometimes. If you have kept your print indoors, protected from water or direct sunlight, but it still looks damaged, contact me and we will find a solution. In those cases I usually send you a new one.

6. Are the prints on wood vegan?

Yes they are.


1. I have technical issues when I want to register an account. What can I do?

Please contact me. I will look into it.

2. i ordered prints in your shop but I never received them.

Due to Covid19 it can take longer than usual at the moment. But nevertheless, it shouldn’t be that long. If you haven’t received your order within 3 weeks, please contact me. I will investigate further. If the parcel was lost on its way, I will send you another one.

Commissions and custom made prints

1. Do you accept commissions?

Not on a regular basis. Just send me a mail with more info about your idea and I will get back to you.

2. I want a print in a larger size or on canvas. Is that possible?

It depends on the original drawing. Please contact me.

Inspiration and ideas

1. Where do your ideas come from?

I am inspired by a million things: Stories, fairy and folk tales, music, films, life itself, nature… On my blog you can (soon;) read more about my inspiration.

2. Do you use models or reference pictures?

All the people I draw and paint come from my imagination. I sometimes use inspirational reference for poses. But I never copy photographs directly – I am definitely not patient enough for this. But I often use reference pictures to draw hands or a special lighting situation. I also pose in front of a mirror or use my husband as a model.


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