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• If you want to show my work on your personal (non-profit) website you can do so, but please send me an e-mail.
 I will usually give you permission to show my work but I want to know where it is displayed.

If you show it, you must include a full copyright acknowledgement
- Artwork © Laumee Fries -
and a link to my website http:// close to the image. You may not remove the watermark from the image. You may not crop or alter the image in any way.

• My work is not to be reproduced, resold, or distributed in any way without my permission. You are not permitted to use my art to manufacture your own products for sale without my written permission (Licensing Agreement).

• When you buy an original drawing/painting, a print or any other item with my artwork on it you are buying only the item, not any reproduction rights for it. You may not reproduce, distribute, copy or imitate the art in any way without my written permission.

• I am a member of Bild-Kunst.
BILD-KUNST is a collecting society providing copyright protection for artists, photographers and graphic designers in Germany.
Visit for more information.

• All my artworks are governed by the copyright laws of Germany.