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Laumee Fries Portrait
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Laumee Fries

My mission as an artist? To inspire you with my stories and bring a little wildness, poetry and beauty into your everyday life. Maybe I can spark you with my lust for life – and encourage you to be brave, wild and dreamy. Because you don’t necessarily have to be in the best of circumstances to live a creative life. I am the best example of this.

Lights out

My own story began rather bleakly. And for a long time it looked that there would be no happy ending for me. But somehow I kept going.Or as Glen Matlock, the former Sex Pistols bassist, put it so nicely: “Punk has nothing to do with clothes or hairstyles. It is the energy you draw from your broken heart in the face of a relentless fate. And it’s the ability to read between the lines and to stand one`s ground.“

Probably this motto – together with a pinch of Zen and a lot of creativity – saved my life in 2018 when it absolutely didn’t look like a happy ending: Shortly before Christmas I suffered severe sepsis. When I woke up from an artificial coma a week later I had undergone several emergency operations. And I was completely unable to move. A shock. Because walking, sitting, speaking, painting, drawing were completely impossible.

Courage and creativity

But I slowly managed to walk and move again over the next six months. And with perseverance, creativity and support, I actually made it: Today I can walk, speak and do art normally again. What a great luck! And proof that it is worth having goals and approaching them boldly.

This blatant experience motivated me to give my art the space and time it deserves. I want to bring more beautiful and heartfelt things into the world. And I want to inspire and delight you with my pictures and stories.

Rabbits, horses and mud

As a child, I loved painting rabbits and horses – and performing plays with small paper figures. I also loved spending time outside in the mud.

No wonder that I prefer to paint with earth pigments today. A degree in art and set design eventully expanded my selection of topics – rabbits and horses are rarely seen these days. Maybe I should take up these subjects again. And at some point the natural colors crept into my studio – and were meant to stay.

Art and nature

Today I am proud that I create most of my art using almost no chemicals or plastic: I paint my with natural colors made from white cheese or egg. And every art print on wood that you buy from me,is handmade with natural adhesives and pigments.

That way you can be sure that you receive a handmade and environmentally friendly work of art to brighten up your home. Every art print comes directly from my artist studio in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Inspiration and the art of living

I believe that art has tremendous power. My own experience showed me that it can help you to carry on with courage and confidence even in bad times. Pictures and stories that come from the heart inspire and are fun – and can also make your world a little wilder, more colorful and more beautiful.


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My studio

I live and work as a freelance artist and author in a Norwegian house in Windeck near Cologne in Germany.

Before I came here, I lived in Berlin, Switzerland, Luxemburg and many other places. But the quietness and the wild nature made me fall in love with my new home. The landscape is so inspiring.

My inspiration

My drawings often tell stories: I am particularly fond of myths and fairy tales. Like the swanmaidens from Celtic mythology, many motifs appear again and again in my art.

But my heart also beats for science fiction, graphic novels, abstract art and textile art. Visit my blog to read background stories about my pictures.

Natural colours

Natural paint is something I am really passionate about – and I like to pass on my knowledge. That’s why you find many recipes in my blog to try for yourself.

Almost all of my paintings are made with natural materials such as egg tempera, charcoal, earth, ink and fibers. And I also dye fabric with plants or make my own ink. Maybe I can induce you with my enthusiasm for these great materials.



Fine Art and Stage Design with Pauline Disson and Abuzer Güler at die Etage, Berlin

Cultural studies (literature and history) at FernUni Hagen

Media Design digital/print at L4 in Berlin

Art Shows

2017 KUNSTRAUM, Herchener Malkasten, Windeck

2016 Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Luft, Theater am Park, Eitorf*

2013/2014 jede Menge kleine Pop-up Ausstellungen


2011 SHREDS, Museum Föhren

2009 QUIET, KunstAusstellung, Schweich

2007 – 2008 Interimsgalerie in der Hosenstr, Trier

2006 Temporärer Ausstellungsraum in der Pallasstraße, Trier

2005 FORGOTTEN, Kunstverein K&K im Kankenhaus, Trier

2004 BLOODMONEY, Bider & Tanner, Basel, Schweiz

2003 SPUREN DER ZEIT, Residenz Engelsplatz, Lörrach*

2003 Le Nouveau Printemps, Pézenas, Frankreich

2003 Städtische Galerie Villa Aichele, Lörrach*

2002 Mas les Micocouliers, Montagnac, Frankreich

2001 Galerie Nunatak, Berlin

2001 Berolina Schriftbild, Berlin

2000 Galerie im Uhrturm, Dierdorf

* group show