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Laumee Fries
Laumee Fries

Earth Pigments, Fibres, Stories and Time

Hi, my name is Laumee and I am a German-based artist.

Life is strange, beautiful, and sometimes unsettling to me. Maybe that’s why I create art about belonging and this strange thing that we call reality. In my paintings, drawings, and textile art, I mostly depict imaginary people who either come from my own stories – or are inspired by mythology and folk tales. I love to use raw materials directly from nature, such as soy, egg, earth pigments, charcoal and fibers from wool and plants.


Eco-Conscious Art

Many years ago, I came across a book on natural paints. I was so enthusiastic about the recipes that I kicked acrylics out of my studio and switched to self-made paints entirely. And am constantly looking for new possibilities for environmentally friendly art. Most of my paintings today are made with egg tempera and colors from peas and soybeans. You can find lots of recipes to try out for yourself on my blog.

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