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Laumee Fries - Zeichnungen
Laumee's Studio

Enchant your life with poetry and beauty.

Hi, I am Laumee and I create art. Browse my virtual studio and gallery and discover art and stories full of buoyancy, wildness and serenity. As an artist, I am inspired by fairy and folk tales, music, nature and life itself. Besides my heros and heroines on paper I also create abstract art on canvas - with natural paints and eatrh pigments. Visit my Gallery or my Shop and discover my world full of myths and magic.

Nature & Art: Recipes for natural paint

I use traditional recipes to make my own paints with white cheese, eggs and earth pigments - without any chemicals or plastic. You want to know how this works? Just visit my Blog. Discover fantastic recipes to make your own paint - to create art or to paint the walls in your home.

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