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Laumee's Studio

Wild and Poetic

Do you like poetic paintings, drawings and stories? Well, I love them. Especially when they are beautiful, wild, offbeat, rebellious, and fragile. But also when they are angry, deeply sad, and melancholy - or full of buoyancy.

In my art and stories, I try to capture the fragile beauty of our existence - including its shadows and dark places. I create most of my paintings or textile artworks with natural materials like homemade egg tempera, earth pigments and fibres.

But I also love to draw with pencil, charcoal or ink. Myths, fairy tales and life itself are my biggest inspiration for these works on paper. Explore my art in the gallery or in the shop


My eco-friendly studio

Years ago I found a book full of recipes for homemade paint. I was so fascinated that from that moment I started to paint almost excluseively with natural paints. Check out my blog to learn how to make your own eco-friendly art materials. It's easy and fun..

If you like to read about creativity and resiliency, you can find inspiring articles in my blog as well.

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